Relax into presence, listen and speak from your heart, and watch how life arises to meet you, as your presence generates grace in every aspect of your life.

The journey begins January 27th, 2024

(Minimum of 6 participants - please email [email protected] to determine how many spaces are filled)

Create space for the pure expression of your heart. You are nature, organized as a human. Let your mind work in service to your heart, and experience your uniqueness and innate harmony. Play in a community of like-hearted people who are curious to know their own heart. The insights, perspectives and tools offered in this 4 month course guide you to a new level of clarity and generate a way of being that restores your trust in your own senses. Peer-to-peer learning helps clarify the sensory information you are aware of, and expand your awareness to welcome more richness into your life. This course will be available on the Thinkific mobile app - check your app store!

Why Courage To Feel?

Do you know how it feels when your thoughts get caught up in the “emotional weather” of others? Overwhelm or confusion can trigger defenses like self-punishments, numbness, fighting or dissociation. 

Maybe you avoid certain situations to avoid empathic overwhelm. 

You could be aware that you’re suppressing what you actually feel, avoiding what you sense, in order to create some sort of relief or sense of control. 

The way your life unfolds feels smaller than you know it could be. 

You know you have intuitive gifts and you may feel frustrated that you’re not sure how to integrate your intuition into your world. 

Maybe you avoid having the conversations you really want to have because you’re afraid of what others will think. 

Maybe you feel a fear of the unknown, and the fear keeps you from living with clarity. 

Are you in conflict with yourself? Feeling unclear about your own experiences, or overwhelmed by all that you feel?

Simplify Your Approach

Receive tools and perspectives to create a sweet friendship with the mind

In this four month program, I will share with you tools that empower you to navigate senses, emotions, discernment and personal evolution with simplicity and grace. 

Each month includes:

  • Unique and profound online material
  • Two 90 minute online gatherings 
  • Meetings with your "Triad" of peers
  • A monthly 60 minute 1-1 with Kerri 

Neuroscience shows that the most effective way to form new habits is to have lots of small experiences that feel good while relating to a new pattern. The tools we share provide you with clarity and simplicity, helping you create and re-create a space that is absent of judgment where you can have enjoyable self-guided experiences of your innate presence. 

You'll create a new relationship with familiar thoughts, emotions and external circumstances. 

Clarity eases the sense of conflict in your relationship with your own mind. Empowered to walk yourself through whatever you feel, you come to know a sense of growing confidence and harmony within yourself. 

From that foundation, all of your relationships can flourish, beginning with the relationship with yourself.

The Tools help you navigate emotions, your own emotions and those of others, so you can feel clarity in your relationships. You come to know a sense of mastery, not because you know all the answers, but because you know how to use the information you have.

But, just learning the tools isn’t enough - we want to integrate the knowledge with felt, intuitive wisdom. To truly know yourself with more clarity takes experience. The magic of these events happens 10 seconds at a time. 

The tools, perspectives and experiences that we share in these events work at every level of consciousness. Engaging at this level of simplicity bypasses the mind’s habit of controlling and micromanaging. We go straight into a dance with our own consciousness, our own presence, and watch as a higher frequency version of ourselves come forward. You’ll know it because you’ll feel it. 

There is no limit to what we can address, discuss and guide you to regenerate in your lifestream. 

The Uniqueness Of This Program

Peer-To-Peer Engagement

To accelerate and assist you to know and live into your essence and uniqueness, participants will be matched up in groups of three, or "triads". You will explore together, discover together and celebrate each other's journeys through the program, and perhaps beyond.

Kerri will intuitively create triads to connect participants inviting the highest good through complementary connections for each group. Triads will meet on their own time to explore the material presented in the program, to share their own words and expression as well as listen to one another through the sharing. 

During the full-group online gatherings, triads will be welcomed to share what they've been exploring, ask questions for clarity and acceleration. 

Exploring together gives us the opportunity to listen each other into being. We are all walking side-by-side. When we engage this way, listening and sharing beyond judgment or competition, together we generate harmony. 

What might you experience during and after this program?

Everyone's experience is unique, but there are common threads

Cultivate a sweet relationship between the mind, the body and the heart

  • Experience a new sense of grace in your relationships

  • Feel a sense of increased lightness of being as you walk through your life

  • Live with confidence that, when difficult emotions and energies present, you know your own ability to support and guide your thoughts from the wisdom of your heart. 

  • Watch your body shift and change as you relieve yourself from conflicts that were never yours to carry.

  • Watch and feel over time as you continue to “stay organized” with these tools - you will discover the grand and subtle ways your heart truly begins to create and guide you through your world. 

  • Know yourself in the absence of judgment and feel the lightness of being that is your birthright.

  • Watch relationships evolve in love and clarity

  • Expand your enjoyment of experiences in all circumstances

  • Heal traumas, change patterns and live with an open heart

This is about learning how to walk differently in a familiar world, opening space, creating life from the heart. The Tools Kerri shares empower you to bring your heart forward into every situation, to navigate emotions (yours and others’) with grace, to communicate in a tone that feels true to your heart, and to be willing to receive what actually works for you.

Explore how it feels to operate with no need for conflict or competition.

Who is Courage To Feel for?

People in both professional and non-professional settings

For Professional Settings

Therapists, animal assisted professionals, coaches, teachers, nurses and others whose work directly touches the mind, the body and the heart. 

Receiving the assistance of these tools and perspectives accelerates your own evolution and nourishes your capacity to give and receive simultaneously. 

  • Let the tools benefit you personally, and the way you assist your clients will continue to grow, expand and integrate. 
  • Relieve yourself of any and all “compassion fatigue” - there is no need for it. 
  • Clarify and expand your intuitive clarity in service to your clients and to your own journey. 
  • Discover the absolute simplicity of organizing your world from an open heart, and watch how it amplifies abundance, ease, grace and love. 
  • Feel confident in your ability to connect and communicate clearly with your clients.
  • Generate a sense of integrity and honesty with yourself so you can build trust in your work.  

For Non-Professional Settings 

If you have relationships with animals and people in your life, this program is for you. 

These tools and perspectives empower you to know yourself more clearly, regardless of the relationship, so you can show up as your authentic self. 

  • These tools invoke healing and personal evolution on every level - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 
  • Discover and expand your intuitive clarity. 
  • Discover and expand your ability to communicate with animals and other non-human life. 
  • Discover how intuitive intelligence informs “everyday life” without being in conflict with it.
  • Live in communion with your higher consciousness
  • Enjoy the fluidity of life as the love that you are

These tools, perspectives and experiences are supportive and appropriate for anyone who is on a journey of self-awareness and interested in experiencing ever-deeper aspects of their own heart with simplicity, grace and humor.

Invoke your innate ability to know, to be your Self without doubt or judgment in every aspect of your life.

Registration is US$2024 or four payments of US$510.

Feedback From Participants

"Overall, this is the most impactful course I have ever done!"

Sigrid P.

I feel it is literally more valuable than most of the other education I have undertaken my whole life. I cannot thank you enough. I hear your voice in my head often, bringing me back to that loving space.

"This course has been wonderful."

Louise F.

I do feel like I need to go back and watch all the videos multiple times. It feels like every time I re-watch one of the videos, the subject matter makes a little bit more sense and I understand the concepts more as well. The course material flowed nicely and the format was very easy to follow.

"It’s bizarre to say this but even over Zoom I found this course to be very intimate and connected."

Tess S.

Kerri just has an energy that makes you feel like she is in the same room with you—always creating a safe space. Absent of judgment. I loved that as well and really felt this from the group. I will be sad when this course ends, even though that is linear thinking and the love/energy will never go away.

"Oh it has been breathtaking!"

Anne A.

I feel so much more connected to myself and to the Universe. The online platform was amazing and I just can't begin to tell you how great the group calls were. It has been more amazing than I could have ever imagined!

"I can say the course has led me to more me then I knew possible."

Brigid P.

Taking life to its simplistic essence and beauty have opened my heart to the AWE of what IS! I'm so grateful and look forward to hearing there's a Course .2!

"The course has been very valuable."

Steve B.

The subject matter was beneficial for where I am in my journey. For me, there was a bit of a disconnect with so much information at first and then, not so much….Im not too technical and found it a bit difficult to get the recordings of the drop ins I missed.

"There was an openness to explore ALL emotions with compassion for self."

Drewry V.

I felt so much patience and softness in the words written. There was a deep sense of curiosity that grew and grew the further into the course we got. And the curiosity was without attachment. It was beautiful!

"There was a deep sense of safety in sharing the vulnerable moments in each of our lives."

Lynda W.

A deep sharing of oneself. It truly felt that each participant was being seen, heard and held in this space by every other participant. What a rare container that you built for us to share within!

"There really was a trend in having the 'courage to feel'."

Sandi S

The beauty, the past, the change, the pace. With courage came a softening as we posted and learned more and more.

"I absolutely love the simplicity and the truth of these teachings..."

Julia B.

...gosh we have all been conditioned to complicate and defend, I really want to live like this, I do understand there will be some work involved sifting out the old patterns but the power of non attachment and living from the heart feel like home to me.

Course curriculum and call schedule

    1. Welcome To The Course!

    2. A few questions to orient yourself to this journey

    3. Getting Familiar With The Platform

    4. Frequently Asked Questions

    5. How To Get The Most From This Course

    6. Feeling IS Living - A Message From Kerri

    7. Linear and Non-Linear Information

    8. Online Gathering #1

    1. Gentle Wisdom

    2. Everyone Is Empathic

    3. Intuition

    4. The Relationship Between Empathic Information and Intuition

    5. Mind, Watch The Body

    6. Online Gathering #2

    1. The Relationship Between Judgment and Discernment

    2. Recordings - January 2023 Online Gathering: Recognizing Love Wherever It Presents

    3. Online Gathering #3

    4. The Relationship Between Emotion and Feeling

    5. Recordings - September 2023 Online Gathering: Emotion & Feeling

    6. Online Gathering #4

    1. "Pain Is Bad" and Other Generators of Overwhelm

    2. Online Gathering #5

    3. Addressing Physical, Mental & Emotional Pain

    4. Breaking Energy

    5. Online Gathering #6

    1. Guidelines For Triad Gatherings

About this course

  • $1,800.00
  • 31 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Who is Kerri Lake?

“I assist people to know their presence, to experience themselves as loved, loving and lovable.”

Kerri Lake

Kerri was aware of her awareness in infancy. Knowing the absence of doubt, and guided by her relationships with animals and nature, she lives deliberately, assisting humanity see and choose kindness and harmony in relationships. Her primary vehicle for awakening and personal evolution in this life has been relationships - with family, with animals, with partners, with Creator Consciousness and within herself. She has experienced several near-death and expanded-consciousness events, each of which reminded her of the dynamic power of living from the heart, for the heart. Without dependence on a modality or system, Kerri has blazed a new trail on the road to freedom from limitations and conditioning. On this trail, all species are welcome and integrate through frequencies of communication. Kerri is masterful in many ways. Her early awareness included a natural ability to communicate with animals and all of life in subtle realms of consciousness, through energy and presence. With wisdom, guidance and communication from many teachers (human and non-human), she assists to help you recognize your capacity to experience connection and communication through presence, through the heart.